The Fishin' Hippy was back at Alcova Reservoir where his Grandmother first taught him how to fish and to this day it's one of his favorite spots to fish. "Most of my childhood fishing memories are from there and no matter where my adventures take me, I'm always drawn back to Alcova!"Every trip out seems to bring more knowledge. "For the longest time all I knew was setting up a Carolina Rig and fishing from the bank with an assortment of baits from worms to marshmallows to cheese!" Trout are tricky fish to catch, but when the Hippy was introduced to Powerbait it opened up a whole new approach to landing those desired trout. "For some reason they just can't resist that smelly stuff."

Trolling behind a boat(with crank baits) was another method, but he seldom had a chance to practice this type of fishing. He learned that there were Walleye in Alcova and was determined to catch them too, but without a boat there wasn't much of a chance of doing that, or was there? About five years ago the Hippy was able to purchase his boat. "It's not the best or very fast, but I was on the water!"

The Hippy has learned a lot of lessons in the five years of fishing from his boat, and the biggest being this: "All those years of bank fishing I was trying to cast as far out as possible when in fact I should've been closer to shore!"

"Walleye and trout this time of year often come into shallow water to feed on minnows or crayfish so those old fishing trips would have been more successful had I only cast out ten to twenty feet!"

"As the months go by the walleye will move out farther and farther, but for now stay in." The Hippy suggests using  night crawlers, leeches or minnows  if you can find them.

"If you don't mind losing a lure or two from time to time, try walking the shoreline and casting parallel as you can while achieving a little depth and throw crank baits or spoons."

This technique is fun and you can catch some big walleye or even a huge carp!  Alcova Marina is a good place to rent a boat (if you don't have one) plus they have good eats and a wonderful atmosphere!!  The Marina carries tackle and bait also.

"I know there is still a huge amount of information still to figure out, but together hopefully we can unriddle ole Alcova."

Have fun as you hit the water and remember to protect and respect our wild outdoor places!


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