46 years ago this month, a guard at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne claimed he was abducted by aliens.

According to his account, John Renz was headed back to the barracks on August 16, 1971 around 6:45 p.m. As he crossed over the Cow Creek bridge, Rentz heard several strange noises and was approached by a mysterious being who appeared to be wearing a wet suit. His next memory was seven hours later when he was picked up by MPs.

While under hypnosis, Renz remembered being abducted and transported by aircraft to a facility where he was probed by aliens. He described the tan-skinned creatures between four and five feet tall with large eyes that resembled insects and three fingers on each hand.

Renz also recalled seeing several bizarre symbols inside the saucer-shaped aircraft, which he estimated had 200 alien life forms on board. Before returning to the base where he was abducted, Renz claims he witnessed the aliens kill several smaller creatures with triangular heads.

Renz was one of several people who claim to have been abducted by aliens in Wyoming. One of the most notorious incidents occurred in 1974 when Carl Higdon was elk hunting in Medicine Bow National Forest.

According to his account, Higdon was approached by a creature wearing a uniform with a yellow emblem and six pointed star. After a brief conversation with the alien, he was taken to their spaceship and transported to their home planet. The next thing he remembered was arriving back in the forest two hours later.

After hearing Higdon’s story, the local sheriff took him to a local hospital for observation. Prior to the abduction, Higdon had suffered from tuberculosis. Upon examination, doctors discovered that the scars that had previously been on his lungs were now gone.

Three other eyewitnesses, including Higdon’s wife, reportedly saw red and green flashing lights in the area where he had been hunting.

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