Motley Crue bid farewell to fans with a monster show in Los Angeles on New Years Eve.

Their stage shows have been many and some legendary. I remember the last time they played Casper, I was in the company of my good friend Myrtle, (may she rest in peace) who showed me a thang or two about partying that night.

Front row with a bunch of women and Myrtle was running the show. Oh yeah, it was a good night.

Actually the one where Tommy got burned by the pyrotechnics.  They rushed him to Wyoming Medical Center. Did you ever hear the urban legend that came from that episode? Well, we hope it was an urban legend!

Anyways, what I'm getting to, is the fact Tommy had another adventure with his drum-coaster in the final Crue show of all-time.

What happened? Watch the video. Checkout the amount of phones being used during the show!!!

The final show will be released as a full length concert film.