Everyone knows smoking is a bad habit. In fact smoking takes half a million souls per year. Besides the health reasons, it is expensive with cigarettes costing nearly $5 a pack. In a study from WalletHub they analyzed the cost of smoking state by state.

Each year a smoker in Wyoming spends $27,333 that includes the cost of a pack, healthcare, and potential loss of income. Over a lifetime a smoker in Wyoming spends $1,393,990. Think about what you could get for that much coin. Would you like to smoke or own a Lamborghini? Smoking makes you relax, well so does a house on the lake.

It is not an easy to quit smoking. If you do want to quit, get help. You are not alone. Don't think about the money. Think of your kids or grandchildren. It takes a lot of work, and you can do it one little step at a time. Baby steps.