I know what you're thinking... "Meteorologists aren't always right when it comes to this weekend's weather. How can someone predict the next 365 days?!"

It was a friend I had in Louisiana (yep, I used to live in the Boot) who turned me onto The Old Farmer's Almanac. We were kicking around a store one afternoon and he picked one up, claiming that he had to buy it. I had never heard of a Farmer's Almanac, but he was carefully reading every single word from the beginning before we even made it to the register. After ripping it from his hands, I got about one page in before he took it back.

This baby is like a crystal ball!

Founded in 1792, this book's long-range predictions for weather are 80% accurate. They look at weather trends in temperatures and precipitation. From this information they are able to tell you if conditions will be above or below average, if there will be more or less snow and rain, and more. The predictions extend to 18 months from now.

So here is the weather report for Casper through September...

August 28-31: cool weather with showers

September will see an average temperature of 61 and 1" of precipitation.

September 1-6: cool weather with showers

September 7-11: warm weather and sunshine

September 12-21: cool weather in the north with showers, warm weather in the south with sunshine

September 22-26: mild weather with sunshine

September 27-30: snow in the north and rain in the south, then sunshine and cool weather.

As for a general outlook for our area from November 2017 through October 2018, we'll have a warmer winter than normal, but we'll see a little more precipitation than usual. The coldest months will be November through January. As for snowfall, we'll see normal measurements in the north, but the south will see an increase compared to the average.

Next spring will be cooler than normal with summer being hotter than normal. We'll see less rain next summer than we usually do. Our hottest months will be July and August. And finally, when we reach this time of the year in 2018, we will be cooler than usual with a little more rainfall.

I'm thinking of sticking this on my fridge and cross checking throughout the year.

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