Did you ever hear someone say that Wyoming doesn't exist? It's surfaces on the internet from time to time. But did you ever wonder who started this conspiracy? We know Wyoming is very much real. If not our very existence is in question - talk about an existential crisis.

This old cartoon that originally aired on November 11th, 1989. As far as we can tell this segment called "It Must Be True" gave birth to the conspiracy that Wyoming doesn't exist. That's right this lasagna-loving-cat Garfield made this mess. Man, cats really are jerks.

The Cowboy State is not alone in plots like these ones. The German town of Bielsfled also bears the stigma of non-existence. In 1997 the reports started surfacing and the Bielefeld Conspiracy was born.

The "proof" uses the same technique Garfield the cat used. This it it's logic:

  • Do you know anyone from Wyoming?
  • Have you ever been to Wyoming?
  • Do you know anyone who has ever been to Wyoming?

The vast majority of people will answer no to the questions thus proving the farce is true. Since Wyoming has the lowest population of all the states in the nation, it is probable that someone in New York or California has never met someone from Wyoming. Then the non-seance perpetuates all because of that troublesome cat. The ironic part is the cat is a cartoon which truly doesn't exist.

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