If the United States were one big family, just like in real life, each State (or sibling) would have their own dynamics. Looking at it this way, the often bitter relationship between Wyoming and Colorado makes a lot of sense. It is a case of sibling rivalry.

For this story, each state is a person. Colorado is the slightly older brother. He excels at sports and science. Wyoming likes to use his hands, and he is not afraid of a hard days work. Wyoming spends most of his days on the lake or in the garage fixing cars. People count on him to get the job done, and he delivers. Colorado is a social butterfly bouncing from one place to the next. He is always doing something or planning the next party or adventure.

They both love the great outdoors. Wyoming prefers hunting and fishing. Colorado likes mountain biking, kayaking, and rock climbing. It's not like they both don't enjoy these same activities, but they don't always see eye to eye.

Wyoming feels like Colorado spends too much time bouncing from one thing to the next. It needs to pay more attention to the family, and Colorado should go to church more often.

Colorado thinks Wyoming needs to take a chill pill.  He doesn't always understand why there is this rivalry. They both share the Rocky Mountains. They both are rooted in the old west, but sometimes they just fight and fight.

One Christmas sitting around the table outside and Colorado lip up a joint.

"You want some of this, Wyoming?"

"I'd rather you get that out of here." Wyoming replied.

"We are both square states, but we don't have to be squares. Lighten up a little. Come one, Willie Nelson tokes up."

"Willie also has 4 wives and 7 children," Wyoming said, "and I bet he can't remember all of their names. Plus the federal government - Father - still thinks it is illegal."

"Since when did you care about what Father thinks?" Colorado said.

"Since I agree with him on this one, now will you please go back home?"

Colorado then stomped out of the room. "You never change," he said looking back before leaving. "Are we still on for fishing at Glendo this weekend?"

"Yeah," Wyoming said. "But we are going to give you ugly looks the whole time."

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