Well of course Wyoming has an intergalactic spaceport. It is Wyoming, after all.

In this short but very entertaining video, a young man explains the history of Wyoming's very own spaceport for alien ships.

It doesn't look like much, but then again most of Green River doesn't look like much.

The "Official Designation" of this spaceport comes from back in 1994 when the remnants of a comet were about to slam into the planet Jupiter. Some folks in Green River were worried that those living on Jupiter might need to escape their planet for someplace safe. They decided to open their little dirt strip airport and extend an invitation.

To our knowledge, no one from Jupiter took them up on the offer. TO OUR KNOWLEDGE. I just want to make that part clear.

The site is officially closed to the public, unless being used for aviation - or space aliens.

Folks are now having fun posting signs and parking other odd and fun space alien stuff - like one might find in Roswell, New Mexico.

There is now an "official sign."

There is a jeep, with aliens ready to dive off to check in at a local hotel.

Below is a BONUS VIDEO from the pilot's point of view as he takes a moment on his cross country trip to land at the airport - sorry - spaceport.. Be patient and watch as he thinks he spots some debris left over from sloppy aliens. You know, the usual: beer bottles and cans and spent bullet casings.

The little dirt runway is not used much. Some pilots occasionally like to do a touch and go just to say they landed at Earth's only intergalactic space port.

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