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Flu season is upon us, and this year is shaping up to have a severe one.  A few days rest is necessary to recover from the illness.  What are you going to do while sick at home with the flu?  Here are a few tips to keep from getting cabin fever while quarantined at home.

Rest is a key factor in recovering from any sickness.  Although sleeping is going to be a big part of your day and night, what are you to do with the rest of your time?  Here are a few ideas:

Watch TV - This one is a no-brainer.  The TV will be on probably a good portion of the time during you're confined to the house.  However; daytime TV has a tendency to be very uninteresting to many and will either cause you to go back to sleep or find a new way to pass the time.

Read a Book - Reading is a great way to pass the time while stimulating your brain at the same time.  Many enjoy reading but have little time for it.  Now is a great chance to catch up on what you've been wanting to read.

Surf the Internet - Once again this is a no-brainer that everyone will be doing anyways.  With all this new free time you are now free to explore all the random things that interest you.

Do a Puzzle - Put together a jigsaw puzzle, do a word puzzle, or any other kind of word game to keep your brain exercised.

Get Some Work Done - Although this is not the most fun option, many sick people do not want to get behind on their work.  Depending on what your occupation is, staying caught up on work can be relieving once you return back to work.  Nobody wants to be home sick just to return to a stock pile of work to get caught up on.

Find a New Hobby/ Crafts - Find a new hobby such as Legos, scrap booking, or any other craft.  This is great way to spend your free time doing something constructive.

Just because you are home sick, does not mean you have to be bored.  Recovery is the goal of staying home, but keeping busy is an important part of staying mentally healthy.  However you spend your sick time, make sure and make the most of it without over doing it.

What are your sick day ideas?