It would be hard to write a script that would be better or more patriotic than this one. A Canadian was out on a lake with his family when he came across an eagle that was drowning. Oh, and it was the 4th of July.

Watch what this Canadian guy did when he found this golden eagle in distress.

The backstory to this adds even more drama to his heroism. According to the video description, his wife and small child were also in the boat. You can see the child briefly as the camera moves to focus on the eagle.

After he gets the eagle safely out of the water, the bird's talons latch on to his chest. As the Star Tribune shared, a golden eagle can apply 400 pounds per square inch pressure with their talons. That's a grip that is larger than a grizzly bear and enough to easily severely injure this guy and/or his family. You don't mess around with eagles if you don't have to.

Leave it to a Canadian to save the proud symbol of America. Well done, sir.

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