If you've never spent a lot of time with cats, they do pretty much whatever they please. I came across this cat which apparently doesn't like people very much, but he loves his horse.

This cat's name is Cougar. When I saw that he loves his horse, i really do mean he loves his horse. Check out a video of their bonding.

Cougar's owner shared some backstory on the YouTube share about why he is the way he is:

Cougar by name cougar by nature. He is one of a kind but can’t be trusted with humans. I found him in the long grass while I was on a racehorse, I yelled to my sister who came and picked up this skinny half-dead kitten, we fed him raisin toast as that’s all we had at the time. At a guess, it was around 14 years ago. Cougar has built a reputation around town, over the years he has met numerous people and attacked every single one of us. We all love him to bits.

Who knows what this cat endured before he was saved by these kind owners. It's a sweet moment to see that he does have the ability to show affection still if you happen to be a horse.

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