How would you like to explore the United States in your home? That's what one couple is doing in their truck bed tiny house that recently rolled through Wyoming.

The YouTube channel is LoveHut4Life. It's not uncommon to see tiny homes, but I've never seen one that's actually built into the bed of a truck. Here's their tour of Wyoming including a ton of Yellowstone and the Tetons.

According to their channel, they have been on the road for 32 weeks straight and have traversed over 14,000 miles.

How does one (or two) build a tiny house truck bed home? They documented how they made it happen.

It took them 43 days and they did just about all of it themselves although they shared that they brought in some experts near the end to make sure what they had built was safe.

The crazy thing about their project is they say they did it all for under $4,000. Their stated goal on their channel is to live a minimalist nomadic lifestyle. I'd say they can safely put a check in that box.

If you have ever thought of doing this yourself, these two seem to respond to just about every comment on their YouTube channel, so they'd probably answer any questions you have. Even if you didn't plan to live in something like this full-time, how nice would it be to have a portable home to vacation in?

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