Everyone knows I'm partial to cute animal videos.

I like to imagine what our furry friends are saying and even give them personalities.

In this adorable video of a Coyote and Badger, it's totally obvious that the Coyote is encouraging his bestie (the Badger) to pick up the speed...in a friendly way of course.

I imagine the Badger responding to the Coyote's enthusiastic prompting with a "yeah yeah I'm coming!"

After watching this Disney like video about a dozen times, I HAD to do a little bit of research to see how common this friendship is.

It turns out that Coyotes and Badgers are known to hunt together, here's a video from Wellington, CO that shares a bit more about their hunting relationship.

Until recently scientists were unclear on whether or not this unlikely animal pair spent time together other than when they were working together for a meal.

The video from Peninsula Open State Trust is the first known documentation of a Coyote and Badger using a human-made structure to travel together safely.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that more videos of these BFFs appear!

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