It's not uncommon in Wyoming to see wildlife walking down a road and that includes moose. Two guys in a white car came upon an moose that took a severe dislike to them and their vehicle and this video is proof.

This did not happen in Wyoming. I believe from the YouTube description that this wildlife encounter occurred in Russia. They called it an elk, but it sure looks like a moose to me.

It's not breaking news for any of us in Wyoming that have experience with elk or moose that if the animal takes a serious interest in you, that often doesn't end well.

Womanosophy had a helpful guide on what to do and not do if you see an elk or moose. Here's one visual clue that they shared that lets you know you're potentially in trouble:

Before deciding to charge, elk will likely display nervous signs such as teeth grinding and pointing their ears.

The guys in this car likely didn't have any time to notice what the moose or elk's ears were doing. It could have just been a case of the elk being in a bad mood. They did the right thing by hauling their backsides away after they were rammed. You can see near the end of the video that the elk was preparing for attack #2.

Fortunately, this video had a happy ending (sort of) with neither the guys or the elk being harmed. The video is a good reminder of the danger of these encounters and how they can go wrong.

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