When I was a fresh-faced kid straight out of high school I fell in love as most young guys do at that time in their lives. However, the girl I fell for had an amazing taste for food in general.

She introduced me to this mom and pop shop in Wheatland Wyoming, called Yaccos. Now the reason this place still sticks in my mind after years of not going back there is that they really do have some of the best homemade breakfast items that I've ever had. (with the exception of mom's cooking.) But their greatness doesn't stop there, no they have food for lunch and some pretty amazing soups as well. To me, it was crazy to go to a smaller town than Casper and find a place that served not only better food but homemade food!

Now keep in mind that I'm not saying Casper doesn't have some pretty great breakfast areas to stop by on your way into work. I know that The Flower Bin here in town makes all those yummy breakfast sandwiches that you just can't get enough of.

So what do you think, are these places worth the drive for breakfast or lunch?

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