She has a unique name and an even more unique lifestyle. Her name is Fy Nyth and she built a completely self-sufficient tiny home in the mountains of western Wyoming.

Fy has become one of the most-followed tiny home lifestyle people on YouTube with over 57,000 subscribers. It wasn't that long ago that she shared the story of how and why she built her home in the western part of our state.

Gardening, cooking, baking, canning, dehydrating, and fermenting and how that's both good and bad. The fact that she lives at an elevation over 6,000 feet adds another degree of difficulty.

A couple of weeks ago, Fy updated her tiny home experience after she shoveled her way out of several feet of snow.

Fy Nyth lives to take photos and videos of wildlife and there's no better way to do it than live among them.

Would you have the mental strength and determination to live off-the-grid growing your own food and embracing the isolation? With the pandemic and challenges in society today, many people are considering this lifestyle change. If you count yourself among that number, Fy Nyth is a must-follow on YouTube. She's not only living the tiny home life, but doing it right here in Wyoming.

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