Many people in Wyoming love the beautiful scenery, the fresh air and tranquility that only our rocky mountains can provide.  But when it comes to mountain towns, one town in Wyoming is receiving lots of praise.

Casper, Wyoming was recently recognized as one of the best mountain towns in the country by Men's Journal magazine.  Not surprising as Casper boasts a lot of amenities as well as outdoor activities for the adventure lover in all of us.

Natrona County International Airport welcomes visitors from all over to Wyoming as people fly in to vacation, fish, ski, rock climb, mountain bike or simply as an access point to see the rest of the states offerings including Yellowstone National Park.  Casper has lots to offer and that secret is being spread quickly.

Not that I would consider Casper as a Mountain Town, but it is according the the rest of the US and residents in Casper are pretty happy about being selected as one of the best in the nation.

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