Rumors and unsubstantiated threats targeting Kelly Walsh High School in Casper led to increased police presence at all Natrona County High Schools Friday morning.

Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh said the rumors included talk of explosives and shootings, focusing mostly on Kelly Walsh, and Friday in particular.

He said the rumors likely stemmed from the arrest of a young man last week.

Walsh said rumors, Facebook postings and text messages prompted his department to send officers to the school Friday morning before students arrived to look for any potential threats, and none was found.

Chief School officials and Casper Police were on “high alert,” and Walsh said he doesn’t believe there was any real danger.

He added that the school district and the Casper Police Department take these types of issues “very seriously.”

The Natrona County School District on Friday morning notified parents of high school students of the ongoing investigation by the district and the Casper Police.

According to the notification, any parents with questions or concerns are urged to contact the Natrona County School District offices.

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