As we begin to transition into fall and winter weather, I thought it's time to put away the lawn mower and get the snow-blower ready for the loooooong cold winter.Always a good idea to change the oil after it has sat idle through the beautiful summer we've enjoyed and will be longing for in a couple more months. I did drain all the gas to ensure the fuel was fresh before firing it up for the first time. I can only hope it doesn't break a cable , like last winter and I was forced to shovel for the last few months. Shoveling snow will make a man of you and give you back problems, so hopefully I'm already man enough. I hate to shovel, by the time you get one side of the driveway done you have to redo what you thought was finished. Please let the snow-blower make it for the duration!

I try to stock up on ice-melt during the off season (it's cheaper) and Michele insists we use the pet friendly kind so that when her beloved Puppa goes outside it won't hurt him. If you have pets, maybe the purchase of pet friendly ice-melt is right for you too.  Removing your hose from the bib is another thing to consider as you don't won't it to freeze. Don't forget to cover your plants and generally tidy up things that will be outside as we move forward. I'm not a lover of winter, but I do believe in being prepared, although I was never a Boy Scout!

Just had the furnace inspected  too, 'cause  I most definitely don't want to be without heat. A few reminders to help you get ready for another Wyoming winter. Some of my forecasting friends say we are due for the big one.