Most of us wait all year for Fall weather and pumpkin everything. But living here in Casper means that time is short for this beautiful Fall weather. Which is why we have to make the most of the time we get before the dreaded snow and cold arrives. Not to worry, there are a ton of things for you and the family to go out and do to take full advantage, and most of it is only a short walk from your front door.

#1. The mountain or lookout point.

These are two absolutely beautiful places this time of the year. Not to mention a pretty great place to take a date and have a fall picnic.

#2 The Platte River Trails.

Although it seems like it's gotten a little cold for the river walk. Believe me when I say, It's like walking into a fall wonderland. Between the colors and crisp, fresh air. It really can be something quite magical!

#3 Bridal trail.

Now this one is a bit out of the way for some of us. But I do believe that we are so fortunate to have such an amazing place on top of Casper Mountain. Where you can really get your zen on if ya need a minuet or two to breath! For warning it could be a little slick up there due to recent weather. So be careful.

#4 The falls

While you're up on the mountain. You can't miss out on checking out the falls. This weather really does bring out a side of the falls that can put your mind at ease ya know, with the running water and who knows what kind of creatures you might encounter. (hopefully no bears!)

#5 National Historic Trails Center

Just outside of the National Historic Trails Center. You should think about taking a walk around the property, I kid you not when I say that the views on either side of the building will stick with you even when you decide to leave Wyoming. On one side is the  always the beautiful town of Casper, the Platte river and at the very edge of that view you have Casper Mountain. It really is a one stop shop for seeing all our wonderful town has to offer. And if you find any other secret spots on this list. Feel free

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