Every city has its ups and downs, but there are some things that will never change and just aren't worth complaining about to everyone. Here are the top 5 things that Casperites should stop complaining about.


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    The Wind

    If there is one thing in Casper that will never go away, it is the wind. The wind has always blown here and it will always blow here. Complaining isn't going to do anything about it or make it better. It is here to stay so get used to it.

  • Aleksandra Glustsenko
    Aleksandra Glustsenko


    The traffic isn't that bad in Casper, so calm down. Even though Casper has seen some growth over the years, it is nowhere near the detriment of Denver traffic. Most days you can get to wherever you are going within 20 minutes, except for construction delays. Which brings us to......

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    Much like the wind, constant construction is a normal part of life here in Casper. Is it necessary? Yes. Is it annoying at times? Yes. The most annoying thing to me is arriving at my destination after spending (x) amount of time stuck in construction traffic and then it being thrown back in my face. Everyone is annoyed by it so there is no need to keep it in my mind when I am lucky enough to not deal with it.

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    There Is Nothing To Do

    Maybe the issue isn't that there isn't anything to do, but that you just aren't trying hard enough. We have a fortunate geographical location. There is Casper Mountain in our back yard, Alcova Reservoir is a hop skip and jump away, the North Platte River flows right through town, and we are surrounded by open lands. If being an outdoors person is not for you, Casper has plenty of entertainment options. There is live music almost everyday of the week, 5 movie theaters to choose from, a plethora of great restaurants and bars, art galleries, community events every week, etc. Get out there and enjoy yourself!

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    Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

    Everything On Facebook

    This one technically doesn't apply to just Casper. Facebook has become a part of most of our modern lives and is a great to way to keep contact with friends and family. There are even useful groups that consist of Casperites intended for buying, selling, and trading. I have noticed that in many of these groups and in my general news feed there is a lot of random complaining and fishing for compliments. Stop it! Facebook is not your diary. Voicing valid opinions and/or view points is one thing. Vague complaining is not fun for anyone. The worst is complaining about Facebook on Facebook. Keep it positive folks!

    (I recognize the irony of my complaining on the internet about complaining on Facebook. No need to point out.)