Travis Barker is no stranger to PETA and animal-related campaigns, but for his latest shoot he's keeping it in the family. The Blink-182 drummer is teaming up with his daughter Alabama to speak about their vegan and vegetarian ways and their love for animals.

"We're doing a never be silent campaign to speak up for animals that might need our help," explained Alabama Barker. In the clip, seen above, father and daughter speak about their choice to live a vegan lifestyle for the elder Barker and a vegetarian lifestyle for his daughter. You also see them both having some fun on the drumkit, replacing drum sticks for carrots along the way.

"Alabama is quite the animal lover. She would have a farm if I had the land," laughs the drummer. "We've always loved animals and we choose not to eat animals." He also reveals that they have a companion pig that they both love, while Alabama speaks about animals having the rights to have their families without being in danger.

Check out the ad for the Barker family's "Never Be Silent" campaign below. Barker will be back on tour with Blink-182 in March. See all of their upcoming dates here.

Travis + Alabama Barker for PETA


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