In maybe the biggest online act of trolling ever, the social media site, Twitter has recently dropped a proverbial bomb on planet earth.

The official Twitter Twitter account tweeted out this afternoon (July 2nd, 2020), that they would finally add an edit button, with the condition being that everyone wears a mask.

While I'm still torn between this being a genuine act of positive reinforcement in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic or this being the biggest trolling tweet ever, a lot of people (myself included) have long wanted an edit option for Twitter. Whether it be simple auto-correct mistakes or wanting to fix bad wording, you've only had three options, none of which are ideal:

  • Delete the entire tweet and start over
  • Leave it and hope for the best
  • Leave it, but answer your own tweet right under the original with an explanation

As you can clearly see, none are great options.

Two of the other heavyweights in social media, Facebook and Instagram, both have an edit feature. Why Twitter has never buckled to confirm is a mystery.

Furthermore, I don't even know how they'd be able to tell if "everyone" wore a face mask anyway. There are 330 million active monthly Twitter users, but that's a very small portion of 7.59 billion people on Earth.

I just hope they make this edit button a reality soon.

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