As a state, we know Wyomingites love guns. After all, we are an open carry state. That being said, concealed carry permits are still available. For those that have have one or are thinking about getting one in the immediate future, this is an awesome accessory.

Urban Carry Holsters carries a complete line up of gear, but the G2 is one of their finest. According to their official website:

The G2 Urban Carry is a uniquely designed holster to comfortably carry your concealed firearm with any outfit for nearly any situation.

The G2 is made in America from 100% genuine saddle grade leather and was designed after collaborating from suggestions of Urban Carry's earlier models.

Whether you're a cowboy or businessman or any Wyomingite, male or female, this is the perfect holster... unless you wear skinny jeans. I'm not judging, but the video actually states, it's not compatible with skinny jeans. I just think it makes it that much more perfect for Wyoming gun owners!

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