Lingerie may not be first on your list of items that come up when thinking of the holiday season, but Victoria's Secret is aiming to change that.

This beautiful and sexy commercial was directed by Michael Bay (Transformers, Bad Boys, Armageddon, etc.) and shot over the summer at the Elk Mountain Lodge, located near Aspen, Colorado. The massive lodge is listed at roughly 80 million dollars.

The models were all decked out in western garb, which included everything from boots, to cowboy hats, to chaps, but not much more. The costumes, matched with the mountain scenery, did add a certain flair to the shoot.

It's also worth noting that some parts of this video do appear to have been shot in Wyoming (in what resembles the Grand Tetons), but there is no hard evidence to support that, except for the fact that if you type "Wyoming Commercials" in the YouTube search, it does appear in the top 5 items of the results.

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