Residents are getting restless. For the past four months, along with the rest of the world, Casperites have been inconvenienced. People have lost jobs. Major events, both local and statewide, have been postponed or all out canceled. All that is on top of the actual disease and the sicknesses and deaths that are a direct result.

It is no wonder tensions have flared on the streets of our fair city. On Sunday (July 19th, 2020), Jason Martinez posted a 2-minute video that has since gone Wyoming viral of an altercation between two men near the intersection of Poplar and F Street.

The video has been shared over 700 times and has close to 200 comments.

While it's always very disturbing to see this type of behavior on our streets, in broad daylight no less, the one high point of the video (at around the 1.15 mark), is the concerned citizen that intervened in a heroic and successful attempt to stop the fight. The gentleman, with no regard for his own safety, jumped out of his vehicle to deescalate the situation. That's the definition of Wyoming strong.

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