Recently some paranormal investigators took pictures and video at the Wyoming Frontier Prison. After checking their video, it appears that a full body apparition was seen in the upstairs chapel.

According to the video description, this was taken during an investigation in July. Watch for the figure near the left part of the front chapel area.

Here's how the investigators described what happened:

This apparition was captured at the Wyoming Frontier Prison in July of 2020. it was filmed in the upstairs chapel during an investigation by the Destination Mystery Team. It was not seen until after the investigation was done and we were going through evidence.

Here's the apparition they're talking about.

Destination Mystery via YouTube
Destination Mystery via YouTube

What do you think? Ghost or just a shadow or some camera quirkiness? You can check out the Destination Mystery website for more background on their investigation at the Wyoming Frontier Prison.

As we've shared before, there are many people that believe the Wyoming Frontier Prison is haunted. Ghost Adventures has even filmed an episode there.

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