The televised spat between Vince Neil and Boy George as part of The New Celebrity Apprentice nearly came to blows, according to one of the other contestants. Producers from the show stepped in at the last moment, MMA star Chael Sonnen told TMZ Sports.

"Those guys had real-life heat," Sonnen said. "They had a real-life confrontation. It was a fight. It was verbal, but it was escalating very quickly."

Boy George, a recovering alcoholic, confronted the ex-Motley Crue singer over his consumption of wine during a challenge on the show. “I do not need to be in the room with someone drinking alcohol," he said. "It’s just not a good look for me. I’m not happy about it at all.”

That prompted a curt response from Neil. "You can’t put your sobriety on everybody else," he shot back.

In the end, though, the potential for violence was apparently averted. "Production thought it was too hot for TV," a clearly disappointed Sonnen lamented. "They came in, turned their microphones off and shut the cameras down."

Neil wrapped up his tenure with Crue on New Year's Eve 2015 when the band played its final show in Los Angeles. On The New Celebrity Apprentice, he was shown drinking while at work on an original song and video for Trident’s “Cherish Your Teeth” advertising campaign.

Boy George and Neil's team won the challenge anyway, and Brian Wilson's daughter Carnie Wilson was ultimately eliminated from the competition.

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