Wyoming is full of chances for you to get involved to help with the conservation mission. There are many organizations that focus solely on helping make sure Wyoming continues to be a strong state for wildlife.

One way these organizations, like the Mule Deer Foundation, are able to continue their mission is to have fundraising events.

Mule Deer Foundation's Shawn Blajszczak is Wyoming's Regional Director for the organization and travels all over the state to promote the MDF mission. Since we started the show, Shawn has visited with us Wyoming Hookin' & Huntin' Outdoors many times to keep us up to date on the latest in the Mule Deer conservation efforts.

Last week we talked with Shawn and found out that with the spring and summer weather coming, this years field days are about to begin and it's looking like a busy year. As a matter of fact, 2022 & 2023 are both looking to be big years for projects all around the state, especially when it comes to mule deer migration and movement projects.

MDF is constantly working with Wyoming Game and Fish Department and other conservation organizations to continue the mission of making Wyoming habitat perfect for mule deer.

MDF's work has been ongoing since being formed in the late 1980's. Building, maintaining and designing roadway crossing projects, funding research, providing necessary tools needed for habitat management and education, benefits not only mule deer, but pronghorn, elk, white tail deer and other wildlife in Wyoming.

The goals of the MDF are funded in part by having fundraising events like the upcoming Central Wyoming Mule Deer Foundation Chapter Gun-A-Palooza on April 28th at the new Black Tooth Brewing location on David Street in downtown Casper.

Black Tooth Map
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The Gun-A-Palooza will give you an opportunity to by ticket packages to have a chance at many different firearms and other great silent auction items.

Supporting conservation events is a way to help out even if you aren't able to get out in the field.

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