We all know that one person that isn't always safe to be around because they're always tripping and falling, getting hurt in some way, or they break things often. They're just clumsy.

Growing up, my best friend always seemed to be getting hurt. In football he was always with the trainer, he had bruises all over from falling or bumping into things and one time lost a tooth during long night out, he found the only patch of ice on a parking lot. Brandon was a little bit clumsy and now I get why.

A group of Accident Attorney's ran some numbers on their personal injury claims to find out the names of the clumsiest people. It just so happens that my friends name, Brandon, is #8 on the list.

According to a report by psychologist Jean Twenge, a person's name is important in creating their personality. It's sounds bad, but some people will judge you on name alone and that can affect a persons confidence. If a person doesn't like their own name, it could force them to also have a lack of confidence and self-esteem issues.

It doesn't always make sense how some of these name lists hold true, but most of the time they're fairly correct. Makes you think twice about picking a name for your child that isn't on the 'strongest names' list.

Names.org is a name generator that gives you background of names. It will tell you what the name means, how popular they are, where the name is used most in the country and even different spellings of the name.

The GJEL Accident Attorney's research that shows the names of the most clumsy men and women.

Future Wyoming parents, take note of the top 10 Male and top 10 Female names.

Wyoming Clumsy Male Names

Wyoming Clumsy Female Names

No matter what your name is, we've all had our moments of being clumsy. The next time someone asks you "what's in a name"? You definitely have enough information to explain to them.

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