I scream, you scream, we all scream for SNOW CREAM.

Growing up where it snowed, we were always looking for creative snow projects. We build snowmen, went sledding, build snow forts, had snow ball fights and made Snow Cream.

I mentioned snow cream to a could different people and got the exact same goofy look and heard...EW. Obviously I was shocked when they said they'd never tried it, so I had to step in and change their lives in just 5 minutes.

One of the reasons I heard was "Wyoming snow is different than other places". My philosophy is...'snow is snow' and I was right.

A quick google search for 'Snow Cream' and the search engine will give you thousands of different recipes and instructions on how to do it. The video I found from 'Girl In The Woods' is almost exactly how we made the snowy day sweet treat. Her real name is Brooke Whipple and she's an outdoor educator, filmmaker and was on the History channel's hit show "Alone".

The snow cream recipe she makes is REALLY simple and other than making the correct measurements, your kids can make it on their own. Chances are you have all of the ingredients you'll need in your pantry and refrigerator at this very moment.


When snow is falling, snow cream is one of my first thoughts. If you're looking for a way to give the kids a treat after a long day of school, playing in the snow or helping around the house, snow cream may be your new family 'snow day' go to. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did as kids.

Here is a run down of the instructions and Brookes video showing you step by step instructions.

We All Scream For Wyoming Snow Cream

Snow cream is an easy way to entertain the kids and give them a great sweet treat.

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