Kim Jung Uhn’s got nukes, so I suppose we should be “glad” of this weapon of choice,

North Korea has escalated its propaganda spat with South Korea by sending balloons across the border that South Korea says are filled with cigarette butts and used toiled paper.
The New York Times reports these “attacks” echo North Korea’s rhetoric on the South, including that the country is rife with “political filth” and led by “human trash.” The balloon offensive is the latest in an exchange cross-border volleys since North Korea conducted a nuclear test in January.
Some of the balloons contained pamphlets calling South Korean President Park Geun-hye a “filthy president,” along with garbage that raised concerns that the balloons were biochemically hazardous, but tests showed they just contained normal garbage.
Seoul responded to North Korea’s aggression by blasting pop music across the border with loudspeakers, designed to upset North Korea, where people are only allowed to listen to government-sanctioned music.

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