Ed "600" Hadley, Casperite and business owner in 1936 was seeking a way to advertise his business.

Ed owned The Palms Ice Cream and Floral Shop, here in Casper. He used his 1936 Oldsmobile as a way of publicizing his business.

It took 5 young girls(relatives it's stated) and six weeks to cover the automobile with  10,000 different postage stamps. Ed had the car lacquered to help protect the stamps from the elements and road grime. One man doing this job alone was guesstimated as a six months project.

This guy was known as Ed “600” Hadley and he did things like this to advertise his store “The Palms Ice Cream and Floral Company”. He was considered a local character in Casper. I wonder what happened to the car as well as the store.

I wondered the same thing and was surprised to find this.

Photo via: modernmechanix.com

Ed and his '36 Oldsmobile did receive quite a bit of publicity.

After using the promotional vehicle (pardon the pun) for a year, he did have the stamps removed.

Ed "600" Hadley should be considered a trailblazer of advertising in Casper, Wyoming.

Although, it's not postage stamps, however you see many businesses today utilizing his method created some 80 years ago. So, perhaps, Ed Hadley was a visionary.