I found this video intriguing, but I'm also not sure how to feel about it. A genius decided to put a robot bear in the middle of real grizzlies to see what would happen. It surprisingly went very well.

Watch this and see what you think of it.

I wasn't familiar with this because I think it might be a European show, but this video is part of a BBC series called "Spy in the Wild". They've put spy creatures among polar bears, big lizards, beavers and bats.

Here's where the Wyoming part of me is probably affecting why the video kinda bothers me. When you put any non-native element near wildlife, you risk causing them to behave differently. For example, that grizzly and cubs came to the water to fish. Did the presence of a robot bear interfere with that? I dunno. Same with the eagle drone. It flew pretty darn close to the bears fishing below. Sure, it looked like an eagle, but did it cause bears to leave the area where they would normally hunt? Maybe not, but I still felt weird watching it.

It's an interesting show. Check out the official "Spy in the Wild" website. I haven't found it on the streaming services I frequent, but your mileage may vary.

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