When is a squirrel a flying squirrel even if it really isn't? Answer: when it's a regular tree squirrel getting a lift from a bald eagle.

A driver captured this video showing a bald eagle with a helpless squirrel in its talons. NOTE: unless you want your kids to learn some bad words, make sure you mute this video as it has some very NSFW language.

As the National Eagle Center points out, eagles are normally fishermen (or eagle fisher women I suppose). But, an eagle is like a bear in the sky as they will prey on whatever is willing to be eaten that will fit in its talons. Squirrels definitely qualify as potential eagle food.

The fact is that while this is common, actually capturing video showing the food chain in action between eagles and squirrels isn't. Whoever this driver is will now have a squirrel tale (or tail?) to tell their friends for years on down the road.

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