Let's face it, animals have a lot of reasons to mistrust humans.

Yet there are times when an animal gets itself into trouble and becomes so desperate they will actually ask for it from anyone around.

At times like those humans are more than happy to lend a hand, if they can.

The only problem, for the human, is that they might have to deal with a panicked animal after. That can be dangerous.

Sometimes the animals know that the human is trying to help and there almost seems to be a thankyou after the rescue. Other times the animal bolts off to safety.

OKAY just so you know, the picture on the video below is click bate. But the video is good.

The first animal is this video is an elephant that has been trying to get out of a canal that has a small dam. The water is running fast and she is running out of energy. She might drown. She begins to call out for help from anybody.

The next one is almost heartbreaking as a fawn finds itself stuck between the rung of an iron gate. At some point, she begins to realize that the human is trying to help her.

A deer with its head stuck in a box? A fox with it's head stuck in a can. You'll hear the fox calling for help. Getting one's head stuck in something seems to happen a lot.

In the cases if more dangerous animals it's probably best to call for a professional.

Now if only humans were not such weird jerks the rest of the time maybe we could have a much better relationship with animals.

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