Trina Morris is a Wyoming Rancher and Horse Clinician.

Her ranch, The Hat Creek Ranch, is located outside of Wheatland, Wyoming.

Trina has been putting on clinics all over North America for over a decade and has even been featured recently in Western Horseman.

Those that know her special way with horses won't be surprised at this video.

All Trina does is whistle and her herd of horses comes in from over 300 acres of pasture.

Some at a dead run, and others merely amble along.

Isn't that a beautiful sight?

In her post, Trina Morris shares that this is a trick that her father, Walter, taught her.

She says

Traditions are worth keeping for the future to remember how it got here.

I can't think of anything more beautiful than that, and I know a lot of us living in Wyoming and raising our children here will agree with her.

Trina often shares videos of her life as a rancher in Wyoming and I find that they always give me a sense of awe.

This video here shows so clearly the joyful life these horses live.

They have room to roam and a safe place to come home to.

It's clear that Trina feels the same way as me when she watches her herd head out to pasture.

The horses first turn out is always special... this year it was overwhelming - the thunder of their hooves and the happiness in their hearts... Let Freedom Ring ... by the Grace of God life is good


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