For the many tourists that travel to Yellowstone National Park annually, other than the beautiful scenery and camping, most make the trek to witness our wildlife firsthand.

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Recently, a woman captured some awesome footage of a wolf howling near the road of the park.

The footage was shared to viral video YouTube channel, ViralHog, but was originally posted by New York native, Ann Marie DiLorenzo (@imagesbyamd). The short, 26-second video was captioned:

On my way out of Yellowstone National Park in late Sept 2021, I went off the beaten path to see what I could find and to prolong my stay in such a wonderful place. As I turned a bend in the dirt road, I caught a glimpse of something on the side of the road. I did a double-take and was shocked to find a wolf looking directly at me behind some vegetation. I immediately turned the car off and as he became comfortable, he walked out of the vegetation and started howling. I could hear another wolf respond to him as his ears straightened up in alert. After a few minutes, he walked off into the forest, leaving a huge smile on my face knowing that I just had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with such a beautiful and amazing animal. Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time!

Ann's Instagram account is full of beautiful photos and videos that are taken from literally all over the world. She also seems to be very passionate about raising awareness to protect wolves.

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