Have you ever been to one of the Halloween specialty stores and had the crap scared out of you by one of their moving displays? I have, almost annually! Because of my personal experiences, I totally sympathize with this kiddo here.

A Twitter page that specializes in sharing interesting short videos, CCTV_IDIOTS, recently posted a video of a little boy named Charlie petting a toy spider.  In the short, 15-second video, we see Charlie pet the spider, but then it jumps at him. Unlike most children his age and size, instead of crying and running away in fear, the little tike decides to dish out some payback.

Considering I'm almost 100% sure, Charlie's parent were setting him up, I'm equally sure they weren't expecting his reaction. Props to the youngster for going all Mike Tyson on the electronic toy display. Charlie definitely proved that "he ain't no punk".

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