There are some legendary ski spots in Wyoming, and the most infamous is Corbet Couloir at Jackson Hole. It is one hardcore drop-in for skiers and snowboarders alike. The mountain resort recently held the first ever Kings and Queens of Corbet competition, and the video is nothing short of epic.

With over 25 of the worlds best skiers and riders trying to tame the beast that is Corbet, Karl Fostvedt is the first king, and Caite Zeliff is the first queen. They conquered and became victorious.

Corbet Couloir got its name from a ski instructor, Barry Couloir, who noticed the gnarly drop saying someone will ski that someday. And he was right. Now the point is legendary around the globe, and the most expert skiers should even attempt it. RootsRated named Corbet one of the scariest runs at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for a reason. When watching these videos, these skiers and riders make it look so easy.

What's next for the Corbet Couloir? Well, now they are taking bikes. Crazy.


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