We announced the news last week, Wyoming Western Rapper Ryan Charles was set to perform on NBC's hit show "American Song Contest".

For those of you that aren't familiar with this new show, it's a country-wide singing competition between all the states and territories of the US. The hosts are Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson.

56 artists will compete, and the audience/viewers and a jury of experts will determine who will continue on after each round.

The first show aired on the 21st and Wyoming's very own "Western Rapper" Ryan Charles performed his original song "New Boot Goofin'"

Charles says he was inspired by how a pair of Cowboy boots pulls together your new look (which I admittedly agree with).

Here's a look at some of the lyrics

My, oh my
Ryan Charles, them gotta be the nicest pair of boots I done ever done seen in my entire life
I mean, those are mighty fancy
Why, thank you

The chorus goes on to say

So damn fresh that the rattle still shakin'

According to the comments on the YouTube video of the live performance (which you can watch below), the song was a HIT with all capitals.

Kurt Whitlow: This song is sic. Best one of the night!! New Boot Goof!! Even Snoop getting down with it.

BetwixtTales: This was easily the better of the two hip-hop/rap songs of the night. It made me bob my head while smiling at the conflicting image of a cowboy rapping to that beat. 😄 It's awesome. 🙌Really hope to see him move on in the contest.

Take a look at the video of Ryan Charles performing "New Boot Goofin'" on the premiere of the American Song Contest, and then let us know what YOU think.

NOTE: The lyrics are explicit but have been edited in the version below

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