Racism is definitely a learned behavior, so it is always awesome to see children, of all walks of life, playing and enjoying themselves together. It's even better when you see them coming together for an awesome cause.

Recently, former NBA player, Rex Chapman, shared a video to his official Twitter page of a group of kids holding a small Black Lives Matter protest on the sidewalk.

Chapman captioned the short video:

Cutest Black Lives Matter Protest you’ll see today...

The video has already been retweeted almost 100,000 times and has over 328,000 likes. Among the comments are several other videos and pictures of other children at similar peaceful protests with family members and assorted integrated functions around the country.

The 52-year old Chapman, who has over 780,000 followers on Twitter, has been labeled a social media influencer. Last year (2019), he was the television presenter of a Block or Charge television show which appeared on the Cartoon Networks's Adult Swim, that was built off his tweets.

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