If you don't like snakes, now is the time to stop, and go read something else.

You've been warned.

Living in the middle of nowhere Wyoming we come across our fair share of Rattlesnakes.

It's a common thing for us to kill them, and our five children are well aware of what to do when they come across one.

That being said, like many children, they have inquisitive minds and often want to take a look at the dead snakes.

After the head has been cut off and buried we let them dissect the snakes, or simply watch while they squeal and laugh while the headless body continues to move for hours.


One year, our son decided that he wanted to EAT the Rattlesnake.

Not one to turn down free food, my husband gutted and skinned the snake. Per instructions he found on the internet, he soaked the carcass in saltwater before he grilled it.

Imagine our surprise when 9 hours later the Rattlesnake was still moving in the bowl.


We did eventually grill and eat the Rattlesnake (and by we I mean my husband and kids). They said it was dry and not very good.

Maybe we'll try that next time?

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