William Thomas Cain, Getty Images

Ashley Madison has been on the minds of many the past few days. If you're a subscriber to their services, then you have a right to be uncomfortable.

In the midst of the Ashley Madison hack, maybe you missed the FourSquare Vices Challenge. Not quite the same as the Madison hack, however just as intriguing to me.

Here are some highlights of the challenge:

1. In-N-Out Burger is 3,525% more popular in California than anywhere else.

2. Gambling is 1,395% more popular in Nevada.

3. Moonshine is 662% more popular in Tennessee.

4. Marijuana is 1,125% more popular in Colorado.

5. Something called "taco pizza" is 55% more popular in North Dakota.

6. Disco fries . . . those are cheese fries with gravy on top . . . are 1,660% more popular in New Jersey.

7. And drip coffee is 656% more popular in Washington.

What is the biggest vice of Wyoming? View the full map and get the answer here.