If you believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life forms, you're not alone, especially here in Wyoming.

The National UFO Reporting Center has documented hundreds of sightings here in the Cowboy State, dating back to July 3, 1951, when a glowing, spherical aircraft was spotted hovering over a mountain range near Green River.

So far, there have been five reported UFO sightings in Wyoming this year. The most recent incident took place just over a month ago when a man witnessed a "fireball" in the night sky above Cody.

One of the most interesting reports involves a series of photographs that were taken near Yellowstone National Park in 1871. The images, which predate the invention of airplanes by nearly 40 years, appear to show two flying objects in the background.

Another fascinating report recounts the story of a former Air Force officer who, allegedly, encountered an alien aircraft that had crashed in the foothills west of Cheyenne.

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