Wes Anderson's movies are known as much for their charming visual settings as they are for their deceptively deep storytelling. Anderson's obsession with color and mise-en-sceneor scene design, is what sets his movies apart from other filmmakers'.

So, after watching this imagining of the opening sequence to 'Forrest Gump' had Anderson directed it, recreating movies in Anderson's unique visual style seems pretty obvious. These opening credits, created by Canadian director Louis Parquet, use a few simple items and a pair of meticulous hands to retell the story of Forrest Gump's life.

While we love the films of Robert Zemeckis (what would life be like without ever having seen 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'), we're now filled with an unsoothable sadness, knowing that we'll never see what Forrest Gump would look like had Anderson directed it. We can't help but wonder what other classic movies would fit well with Anderson's visual approach.

How would Doc Brown's laboratory have looked if Anderson had directed 'Back to the Future'? Would the characters in 'The Breakfast Club' have been confused children who came from privileged yet oppressive homes? Would the adventures of Ferris Bueller have been so raucous and slapstick if Anderson had held the megaphone for 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'?

We'll never know, but, thanks to Parquet, we have this short video to ease our longing.

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