President Obama has a wish list of celebs he would like to support him in re-election campaign.  Just who is on said list?There are 194 public figures included on the list according to the Tennessean of Nashville.

The list was described as a "wish-list" of celebs who the president would like to support him in his bid for re-election -- and it includes, among others, Train, Adam Levine, Josh Groban, Alicia Keys, Sara Bareilles, Marc Anthony, Jewel, Ricky Martin, The Band Perry and Lady Antebellum.


Does one feel special, or pressure for having shown up on this wish list?



A spokesperson for the Obama campaign told the paper that the list was a "wish list of people and groups who may be asked to participate in a campaign event," and added that "not everyone on this list has been contacted or agreed to help the campaign."