There is nothing better to get you in the Halloween spirit than a good horror movie or television. Thanks to the myriad of streaming services, you pretty much have every film ever made just a few button pushes away. It brings to mind an interesting question though: what is the favorite horror movie or TV series for our lovely state?

Each year, data research website, Comparitech, releases a study of the favorite horror movie or series for each state. I must admit, after seeing the choice for the Cowboy State, I have never been prouder to call myself a Wyomingite.

Favorite Horror Movie/TV Show For Each State

While our neighbors in Colorado favored Stephen King's The Shining and the Netflix series Stranger Things (which really isn't that scary to me, but whatever) is the favorite in quite a few of the neighboring states, the winner for Wyoming is the classic B-rated movie, The Evil Dead, starring Bruce Campbell.

In case you've never had the pleasure of watching the masterpiece that is The Evil Dead, here's a trailer from the film below.

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