Now I am not some kind of medium or fortune teller, but it is no secret that we as humans share character traits with animals. From basic survival to our personalities, it’s easy to see things you have in common. Many of these traits I pulled from different types of mythologies, superstitions, and how these animals interact with the rest of the animal kingdom.

Many animals, some you would not expect, were all recognized as some sort of god or symbol. Some make sense like rabbits being portrayed as gods of fertility, or bears being spirits of protection. Some made no sense to me like elk gods of love, and salamanders being birthed by fire.

Now you should take these kinds of quizzes and games with a grain of salt, after all I am just some guy behind a keyboard, but these kinds of things are fun to see and have. Sometimes you don’t get the ones you want, or the fortune/meaning doesn’t fit your personality at all, but sometimes just being able to relate on a basic level with others (whether people or animals) is all we need.

So maybe don’t let fate decide and read all of these for yourself and pick the one you want, and compare it to the one you “got”.

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