Mile High Stadium, the home of the Denver Broncos, has undergone a handful of corporate name changes the last few seasons.

Last season, Sports Authority, held the stadium name rights. However, with the Sports Authority company going out of business in 2016, a judge awarded the naming rights to the stadium back to the Denver Broncos organization.

While most Broncos fans will refer to the stadium as just "Mile High" no matter who wins the corporate naming rights, we have a few suggestions just for fun...


  • Starbuds

    Starbuds Stadium At Mile "HIGH"

    You couldn't possibly think I'd make a list about a stadium in Colorado without a marijuana joke, right?

  • John Elway Chevrolet
    John Elway Chevrolet

    John Elway's Chevrolet Stadium

    I mean he basically runs the team, so he might as well capitalize on the opportunity.

  • Casa Bonita
    Casa Bonita

    Casa Bonita Field

    Cliff divers for halftime entertainment? I'm in... as long as they don't run the concession stands.

  • Conan/TBS

    Von Miller's Organic Chicken Stadium

    Von Miller's first dream? Being the highest-paid, Super Bowl champion linebacker. His second dream? Being a chicken farmer... yep, really. 

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images
    5's "Now Hiring: A New Quarterback Stadium"

    Does anyone still have Tim Tebow's number? Just kidding... kind of.

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